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Wicked wicker !

Wicker garden containers

Mon Balcon Parisien expands its range of containers by proposing to vegetate its exteriors with the help of wicker pots. So, you too, dare the wicker!

This is the great return of the rattan in the decoration. Indeed the designers have reappropriated the rattan to offer us armchairs, tables seats in a pure and natural style.

wicker pot

If the wicker invests in strength our interiors, our exteriors are not left behind and Mon Balcon Parisien has chosen to propose a new range of wicker containers. This range, which we have called "Parisian Baskets", comes in two colors: light gray and brown, two very soft colors that will give charm and look to your exteriors.

wicker pot

These pots are protected inside by a plastic coating to protect the integrity of the wicker. These wicker pots are also holed at the bottom to ensure the drainage of water and good drainage. This will avoid, in particular, the phenomena of stagnant water at the bottom of the pots which cause a rotting of the roots.

Finally, in order to make the plants flourish at best, Mon Balcon Parisien offers these wicker pots of smartpots™ in the appropriate format. The smartpots™ are fabric pots whose quality lies in the porosity of the material, a thick geotextile that ensures an optimal development of roots and therefore plants. The Smart Pots allow an excellent development of the roots because the fabric allows the aeration of the soil and the root system.

wicker pot

So no more hesitation, an authentic style, a design resolutely in the air of time, you also dare the wicker for your exteriors!

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