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More about Mon Balcon Parisien

The story of Mon Balcon Parisien is the story of two young Parisians.

Parisians forever and having a small balcony, we wanted to green this space according to our taste.

Rapidly, we realized that the balcony and window sill decorations were not so easy.

Hiring professional urban landscapers was cost-prohibitive, while what was offered by large garden companies was ill-adapted to our reality: too many choices and too little advice... so that our plants ended up dying within weeks.

This is certainly the reason why lots of urbanites get discouraged when trying to create a green space in their outdoors. Mon Balcon Parisien wants to simplify this. Thanks to the advice of a landscape expert, we selected only persistent and resistant plants: green all year, with little maintenance. offers a nearly two dozen high quality and affordable plants coming from organic agriculture.Mon Balcon Parisien is a French jardinerie en ligne !

The French jardinerie en ligne

But for us greening our balcony was also associated with the idea of having containers in harmony with nature, I spend a lot of time at flea markets finding containers made of noble materials like zinc, terracotta and wood. The idea was also to give these objects a second life.

So our containers will add a touch of authentic vintage charm to your outdoors. is also the best service: from order to delivery, we help to create the composition, give advice on maintenance...

Everything is conceived to provide a positive experience in urban outdoor regreenering

The french Jardinerie en ligne, an offer which provides:

  • Persistent and resistant plants adapted to the urban environment
  • Authentic and unique vintage containers for balconies and window sills

A website with dynamic and esthetic functionality

In just a few clicks, anyone can match compatible plants and containers and create a pack.

A website conceived for urbanites who want a service providing simplicity, quality, affordability while helping them bring a bit of greenery into their lives

The french jardinerie en ligne
The french jardinerie en ligne
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