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Mon Balcon Parisien is launching a new proposal for containers made of clay fiber with the Louis the Twenty First (Louis XXI) range. A trendy and authentic garden container...

Louis XXI, is the name that Mon Balcon Parisien has chosen to give to this new range of containers. This name evokes on the one hand the very authentic aesthetic of this new range which evokes the universe of horticultural societies born in the eighteenth century and on the other hand a very contemporary side due to the modernity of the material, clay fiber.

Indeed, clay fiber is a very innovative material that combines clay with fibers that come from recycling.

clay fibercontainer

The fibers that are incorporated into the clay reinforce the structure durably, avoiding even minor cracks. The containers offered by Mon Balcon Parisien in clay fiber are also resistant to frost and wear.

Lightweight, these containers of clay fiber have the same properties as earthenware or ceramic pots. Indeed, clay fiber allows the plants to breathe and to flourish.

Ideally, place a geotextile felt between the clay balls and the soil to avoid mixing the two materials.

The clay fiber allows a perfect imitation of metal containers for a classy and attractive planter !

Mon Balcon Parisien offers the Louis XXI range with two main models: Authentic and Gothic.

The Louis XXI Authentic containers are available in cubic bins (55cm, 45cm or 38cm) or in rectangular boxes (Louis XXI Authentic B) with a suitable support (also offered by Mon Balcon Parisien).

The Louis XXI Authentic range

Louis XXI Gothic containers are also available in different cubic bins (55cm, 45cm or 38cm), or in cylindrical form .

The Louis XXI Gothic range
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